Pensión París is a little family-run pension that offers basic, clean and cheap accommodation in one of the most exclusives areas in the heart of Valencia.

Pensión París is located in the heart of Valencia (Sant Francesc neighbourhood).More specifically, on the area where the Historical Building of the University of Valencia is located.

The University of Valencia was founded by the end of the XV Century (1499), know as the Valencian Golden Age.

Since the University was founded in 1499 until the 70’s on the XX century, the neighbourhood has been always linked to students. This fact contributed to create a lovely and lively atmosphere on the neighbourhood.

Nowadays the university atmosphere has been moved to the new campus areas; and the neighbourhood has turn into the area of the city centre where the most exclusive (top-of-the-range shops are located.

Recently pedestrianised Patriarca Square and presence of nice historical buildings (Estudi General, Colegio del Corpus Christi, Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas…) make the neighbourhood an ideal and quite place in the heart of the city, but just a few steps from the night life action (Barrio del Carmen).

Pensión París is located on a building from end of XIX Century (1893).

In 1937 the building hosted the first Guest House. Due to its location (facing the Historical Building of the University of Valencia) main guests were students from the University of Valencia.

50 years later, in 1987,the guest house changed ownership; changing also the name into Pensión París.